Patient Education

Useful Information to Attain Healthy Teeth

What Are Zirconia Teeth?


Prettau Zirconia

Zirconia is one of the hardest materials available and is the perfect material to create permanent, beautiful teeth. In fact, it is even stronger than your natural teeth. Zirconia is so perfect in appearance it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between Zirconia teeth and real teeth.

  • Aesthetically Perfect
  • No Chipping
  • No Staining
  • Stronger Than Your Natural Teeth

Permanent Fixed Hybrid Bridge

A hybrid bridge can reverse even the worst dental case in one day.
If you desire full restoration of your youth, beauty, ability to enjoy food, and a return to a carefree lifestyle, a hybrid bridge will change your life. Dentures only have twenty percent bite force, but a hybrid bridge has over ninety percent and allows a return to a normal healthy diet. Not only do they look like beautiful natural teeth, they even feel like your natural teeth. No more leaving your teeth in a jar at night. To clean them, just brush your teeth! A hybrid bridge is the closest thing to perfect natural teeth.


Dental Implant Options


Single and Multiple Implants

Dental implants save your teeth and cost less in the long run.
Traditional bridges require grinding down perfectly good teeth. The ground teeth are compromised and eventually fail, and a partial is necessary to fill the gap left behind. The partial puts strain on other teeth, which also eventually fail, resulting in the need for a denture. Stop destroying good teeth. Traditional methods that require repeated trips to the dentist and repeat financial expenditure are outdated. Dental implants are the new standard in tooth replacement.

Implant-Supported Removable Overdenture

Traditional dentures are no longer the only option.
Traditional dentures are held in place by combination of suction and sealing paste. This requires an acrylic plate that covers the upper pallet. It is uncomfortable, often slips, and interferes with the taste of food. In contrast, snap-in dentures are held firmly in place by secure implants. This eliminates the need for the plate that covers the upper pallet. Not only does this restore the enjoyment of food, but it eliminates the anxiety of dentures slipping or ejecting.